Using Custom Domains on WordPress Multisite

Everything I read online about WordPress Multisite suggests that sites are either available at or at

If you are and dishing out sites like, that makes sense.  However, if you are me, trying to put,, and on the same WordPress install then you need to do something special through the services of a plugin, they say.

Or do you?

I followed the multisite install instructions on WordPress 4.5.2, choosing subdomain as the option (it was the only option because I was converting and existing installation).  I followed all the instructions about adding entries to .htaccess and wp-config.php.

Then, everything I read suggested I needed one of a couple of MU Domain plugins to get domains working.  That was until I saw a comment on one of those plugins suggesting plugins are no longer needed.

So, this how to do it:

  • Update your DNS for (use A records, not CNAMEs) to point to the same web server hosting your WordPress Multisite install
  • Create a new site in the network, with Site Address (URL) like “”
  • Once it is created, go to My Sites -> Network Admin -> Sites and click Edit on the site you just created
  • Change the Site Address (URL) to whatever your desired domain is eg. (I left the trailing / in place)
  • On your hosting provider or web server configuration, point to the same directory where your WordPress Multisite enabled deployment lives
  • Test by going to in your browser.

Let me know how it goes!